ngc 5248 هي مجرة حلزونية متوسطة تقع في كوكبة العواء تبعد حوالي 59 مليون سنة ضوئية. وهي عضو في مجموعة ngc 5248 من المجرات وهي واحدة من مجموعات العذراء الثلاث موصولة إلى الشرق من عنقود مجرات العذراء العظيم. ngc 5248 — спирална галаксија во соѕвездието Воловар, заведена во Новиот општ каталог на објекти на длабокото небо. Using the improvednonlinear asymptotic theory, we confirm the earlier results that theinner two-arm spiral structure of NGC 5248 is driven by a slowlyrotating bar  Apr 23, 2015 This week's second large-telescope target is spiral galaxy NGC 5248 in Boötes the Herdsman. Observers also know it as Caldwell 45. It lies in a  Jan 17, 2001 We present for the first time a two-dimensional velocity field of the central region of the grand-design spiral galaxy NGC 5248, at 0.9 arcsec spatial  Abstract.

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NGC 442. NGC 660. NGC 660. M 77. UGC 4261. UGC 4261 NGC 5248.

At 6' x 4' angular size, the galaxy is a challenging target. In this photo, North is Up. This image is cropped to 42% of the original full frame. Media in category "NGC 5248" The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total.

Ngc 5248

Ngc 5248

NGC 5248 is a Intermediate Spiral Galaxy in the Boötes constellation. NGC 5248 is situated close to the celestial equator and, as such, it is at least partly visible from both hemispheres in certain times of the year.

Ngc 5248

More information in the tabs above. Cross-identifications: Essential note: NGC 5248; UGC 08616; CGCG 073-054; CGCG 1335.0+0908; MCG +02-35-015: Coordinates for Preferred Position It can then be applied to the recent high-resolution observations of CO and HST NICMOS of nearby spiral galaxies. As an example, we apply the theory to the nearby grand-design spiral galaxy NGC 5248, which has excellent CO observations in the central regions and exhibits a continuous optical spiral pattern from about 7 kpc to about 100 pc. 2019-07-10 NGC 5248 (Caldwell 45) is another great example. NASA called out the notable ring structure around its nucleus, indicating starburst activity.
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Izvori Vanjske poveznice. engl.) SEDS: NGC 5248 (engl.) Revidirani Novi opći katalog (engl NGC 5248 (aliaj indikoj — UGC 8616, MCG 2-35-15, ZWG 73.54, IRAS13350+0908, PGC 48130) estas galaksio en konstelacio Bovisto..

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Bıvênên. Asmên; Galaksi; Estare; Pulsar; Nebula; Lista cısmanê NGC; Gırey teberi. Heqa NGC 5248 sitay NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database sero bıvênê (be İngılızki); NGC 5248 sitay SIMBADi sero bıvênên (be NGC 5248 (Caldwell 45) is another great example. NASA called out the notable ring structure around its nucleus, indicating starburst activity.